Cocaine, Crack

Cocaine, its extracts, tinctures and pharmaceutical preparations were at one time an acceptable product for supervised medical usage when prescribed by a licensed physician or other authorized individual.

At the present time COCAINE and its various extracts and by-products are overtly illegal.

Trial Attorney Elizabeth Gaba accepts cases and will defend individuals who have been charged with possession, trafficking, distribution, offering to sell, offering to purchase, and usage of cocaine in any form.

Attorney Gaba will accept drug cases and defend people in Central Ohio (such as Columbus, Circleville, Chillicothe, Delaware, Lancaster, London, Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Newark, and Zanesville). She will also accept these types of cases in locations that are farther away (such as Athens, Marietta, Portsmouth, and Cleveland by way of example).

Trial Attorney Gaba has accepted cases and worked with clients who have been charged with possession and attempting to sell approximately 0.75 grams (i.e. three quarters of a single gram). . This weight is about 1/3rd the weight of an American dime. Attorney Gaba has in the past defended an individual whom the police claimed distributed one to two kilograms (2.2 pounds to 4.4 pounds) of cocaine repeatedly during a single month.

It is most standard that a police officer at the time of a drug bust will not only issue a citation for TRAFFICKING IN COCAINE or CRACK, he will most likely issue citations additionally for: (a) possession of drugs [to be retained for one‘s personal use and not sold] (b) corrupting another with drugs (c) illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs (d) possessing drug abuse instruments (e) possession of drug paraphernalia and similar charges. These additional charges can range from a first degree felony to a fourth degree misdemeanor.


The people in the state legislature in Columbus, Ohio who wrote the anti-cocaine laws seemingly did not lay out the penalties for violations of drug laws in an organized fashion. Depending upon circumstances, the penalty for TRAFFICKING IN COCAINE can vary from a F- 5 (fifth degree felony) to a F - 1 (first degree felony). Incarceration in a state penal institution may be as brief as six to eighteen (6 to 18) months for an F - 5 conviction and as high as ten (10) years for an F - 1 felony conviction.

Some of the factors that go into the criminal charging of a person will include: (a) the form of the drug i.e. powder, liquid, solid, or tincture, (b) the gross weight of the drug, (c ) where the drug transaction took place i.e. in an isolated rural farm area or adjacent to a school (d) the age of the party with whom the transaction was to take place i.e. an adult or an under-aged individual.

When a prospective client telephones attorney Gaba’s office and says, “I’ve been charged with a cocaine type crime . . . . How many years am I looking at - if I’m convicted?” Attorney Gaba honestly says “Without more information I can’t really answer your question at this time.”

When a prospective client makes an appointment and arrives at Attorney Gaba’s office and says “I’ve been charged with a cocaine type crime . . . . How many years am I looking at -- if I’m convicted?” Under these circumstances Attorney Gaba can say, “Let us work together and look at all the factors and consult my law books and I can give you a reasonable estimation.”

The phrase that is used over and over again in Attorney Gaba’s office is “NO CASE SHOULD BE CONSIDERED HOPELESS”. Just because a person is charged with a drug crime, he/she shouldn’t guess that the case will end with a conviction!


If a person who has received a criminal complaint or a copy of an criminal indictment paper and does nothing he/she will be convicted. IT IS MOST CRITICAL THAT AN ACCUSED PERSON HIRE AN EXPERIENCED ATTORNEY AS SOON AS THEY POSSIBLY CAN.

Trial Attorney Gaba has taken drug cases all over the State of Ohio. She has years of experience in courtroom procedures and tactics. She knows what to expect from the prosecutor’s side of the case. She can NOT offer a guarantee that things will work out perfect. HOWEVER, she will give you a written guarantee that if you do nothing at all to help yourself, and you close your eyes to your legal problems, she will assure you that things will get worse.